Alcoa - An Eagle Eye To The World
New Teacher Guide
What you need to know about running the
Alcoa - An Eagle Eye To The World Project in your classroom
This project is based on the template/foundation of Flat Classroom® Project


Welcome to the ‘Alcoa - An Eagle Eye To The World’, a collaboration project for classrooms based on the foundations of the Flat Classroom® Project. The teachers from Bettendorf Middle School and some college students are thrilled to have you take interest in our project that we have put together. Alcoa - An Eagle Eye To The World is an online and collaborative project that will unite and connect young students and teacher in a classroom experience like no other. We have crafted an exciting, challenging, and hopefully memorable project that will allow teachers and students to talk about this project for years to come. This project will start at the beginning of the calendar year and end with the hatching of new eaglets. See below for the full schedule and timeline. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Aaron Maurer at __aarmau@gmail.com__. More information about this project can be found on the main wiki at__

Project overview and purpose

Alcoa - An Eagle Eye To The World is designed for upper elementary/middle level approximately ages 8-12. The curriculum focus is interdisciplinary focusing on the study of bald eagles. Through the observation of the bald eagle camera students will develop a deeper understanding of the bald eagle, nature, the environment, and our relationship with our ecosystem.

Guiding Question
What can a person learn about life through the study of a single animal such as the bald eagle?

Essential Questions
  1. How can we connect with each other through our commonalities?
  2. How does your geography where you live impact animal habitat?
  3. How does the bald eagle reflect your city, town, nation?
  4. What can be done to protect the animals that are important to earth?
  5. How do we conduct research and answer questions about the bald eagle?

Project structure

Students will be placed in mixed classroom teams and contribute to their team product. Students in mixed global classroom teams will: 1. Do some research on one of the bald eagle topics
  • Birds of Prey
  • Habitat
  • Symbolism and cultural influence of the bald eagle
  • Protection and laws for bald eagle
  • Lifespan of a bald eagle
  • Anatomy of a bald eagle
2. Complete a team project demonstrating found information to the rest of the groups. 3. Upload their multimedia to the project wiki. 4. View all the group projects and compare and contrast the results. **Groups can be added or reduced based on participation Modes of communication of final product
  • Images
  • Sounds
  • Videos
Learning outcomes To gain an understanding of the bald eagle and the impact it has in the world. Students will use the bald eagle topic as a platform to gain 21st century skills by working collaboratively to create a final product that demonstrates their learning. Students will have to problem solve, use their creativity and personal skills and traits to work with students from all over the globe to create a final product that demonstrates their learning. Required inputs Teachers will:
  • Place students from their class into the teams across the topics(after a teacher meeting online)
  • Provide skill development for wiki and other Web 2.0 work
  • Provide opportunity for communication and collaboration between team members via the wiki and via any real time opportunities e.g. Skype
Students will:
  • Connect, communicate and collaborate on their topic
  • Research the different topics in their community
  • Teams discuss their ideas for collecting multimedia for their topics (via wiki and Edmodo)
  • Devise a plan for the documentation - what will be collected and what they will do with it
  • Spend time collecting/sharing information
  • Collate and present final multimedia
  • Compare and contrast informatiion presented by the other groups
Required outcomes
  • A school/classroom introduction including one or more of these medias: images, voices, pictures, video
  • Create a team product with the collected multimedia - artifacts to be placed on the team wiki
  • Create a school product that compares and contrasts all topics: showing, discussing, revealing, examining, synthesizing
  • Create a personal reflection based on experiences in the project - blog, wiki page, podcast
Optional outcomes
  • Real-time Skype with another classroom during the project
  • Daily/classroom lesson plans

Project spaces and places

The Alcoa - An Eagle Eye To The World has these online locations. As the teacher, you should be present and active in all of them. You are a guide to your students in helping them understand the project and in promoting digital citizenship while they are working in the project. Lead and learn by example. These four online locations are: Google Group for teachers only __!forum/eagle-eye-__ This is where teachers get together and discuss the project and it's progress. Wiki on wikispaces- e.g. __
  • This is where student team collaboratively post their research and writing on their assigned topics
  • Team process and final products will be located on the wiki
‘Edmodo Group on __
  • This is our student and teacher educational network
  • The project starts here with introductions, discussions and sharing of initial ideas
  • Password and group login will be shared in the Google Group
Blackboard Collaborate (virtual classroom)
  • This is a real-time virtual classroom where teachers will meet each week to monitor project developments
  • All meetings are recorded for playback to cater for time-zone differences
  • Student summit sessions may also be held at the conclusion of the project (optional)

Workflow / Timeline

The project typically runs for about 8-12 weeks. See the 'Timeline' link for more details.
  • Application Deadline: December 15
  • Online Teacher Information Meeting: before January 10th
  • Classroom and Student Handshake: January 7th - 11
  • Team Formation and Project Discussions:January 11th - February 11th
  • Multimedia Collection and Sharing: February 11th - 15th
  • Media Collation and Product Development: February 18th - March 8th
  • Celebration, Summits and Reflections: March 11th - 22nd
    • Hopefully Bald Eagles will be ready to hatch
Resources Tools used: