This page is dedicated to the ALCOA Eagle Eye to the World ELP Independent Study project .

The first of the final projects will be a recap of the ALCOA Eagle Eye to the World ELP Showcase presented by Bettendorf Elementary ELP students. We worked all third quarter on independent projects. Each student chose one specific aspect of the bald to focus on.

Bald Eagle Student Showcase: Video of Presentations and Link to Visuals

ALCOA: Eagle Eye to World - How we started and where we are.....

ALCOA Eagle Eye To The World: Bettendorf Student Showcase Night Part 1: Setting Up, Mentors, Allen Holloway

Showcase Handout

Clue Handout
Scavenger Hunt

Dave Murcia "Birds of Prey"

ALCOA Eagle Eye To The World Student Showcase: Birds of Prey from aaron Maurer on Vimeo.


Stan Bousson Wildlife Photography

Here is is a Google Document where I shared the emails I sent to parents and teachers discussing due dates and weekly updates of the project.