This page will be the specifics of each student project share during our showcase night on March 18th, 2013.

Here is a video link to some of the student projects from our ALCOA Eagle Eye to the World Showcase. 30 students from the Bettendorf ELP program in grades 4 and 5 presented an independent study project on one aspect of bald eagles.

Here is a link to the video -

Student and Project

Project Overview

Scavenger Hunt Clue/Fact

Scavenger Hunt Interactive Component

Image of Station

Sophie Utsinger "Let our eagles soar into the future"
Facts regarding the protection and laws of bald eagles and game birds.
There are 5 main reasons that bald eagles are endangered. They are: 1) human carelessness, 2) pesticide DDT use, 3) loss of nesting trees, 4) loss of habitat, 5) illegal shooting.
When participants arrived at this station they received a riddle: look for an eagles home. Near the display was a nest with 5 eggs in it. Each egg had one answer to the question, what are the 5 main reasons that bald eagles are endangered.

Carter Wolf
"Call of the Wild"
Facts about how sound is made by the eagle and recordings of different eagle calls. Information on the eagle's lifespan.
Eagles have no vocal chords
Design behind middle picture

Aiden Broderick
"Migration Station"
Facts about bald eagles and their migration habits. When, where, why and how they migrate.
Not all bald eagles migrate
Word scramble



Jaden Poole
"Eagle Habitat"
Facts were presented regarding the bald eagle's environmental habitat and nesting habitat.
Half of the Bald Eagle population lives in Alaska.
Each fact listed about the bald eagle's habitat contained one letter highlighted in blue. The blue letters spelled "Look under the eagle." The eagle was in a nest, when someone picked it up to look under it there were "eggs" that had the clue scrolled up inside of them.


Havyn Fish
"Mighty Eagle"
Facts regarding lifespan and migration of bald eagles. Tri-board display accompanied by audio recording of song "Mighty Eagle" performed by Havyn on piano with various eagle calls recorded on top of it.
Juvenile eagles migrate before the adult.
Tri-board "lift-the-flap" with questison: Who migrates first, the parent or the child? Answer: the juvenile

Ben Wilkinson
Reporting on how birds of prey affect human life and interaction between our two species. Including interview with Mr. J. Dave Murcia from Wapsi River Environmental Center.
Understanding birds of prey is important for humans because we are both at top of our food chains.
Picture Riddle of
chain with human and eagle both sitting on top.

Jason McNab
"An Eagle Eye View"
Information was presented about eagle eyes and their impressive vision.
An eagle can see up to eight times as far and two and a half the detail of a human.
Visitors were asked to use the binoculars to line up with the red marks on a paper across the room. This allowed them to focus on the small picture of a rabbit and the clue written below. (The clue could only be read if using the binoculars.)






Yue Horikawa
"Home To The Bald Eagles"
The facts about bald eagle nests. What they use to build, where they build, and how big.
Bald eagles have more then one nest in their territory.
A puzzle with the fact on the assembled piece. Then, the visitor can read the fact.


Stephanie Rice
"How Eagles Fly"
Facts about Eagle Flight and the physics of Bird Flight.
Eagles can fly up to speeds of 65 mph.
Paper airplane wing experiment using different wing lengths.





Kaitlyn Walter
Myths of the Majestic Eagle
Myths and Folklore about eagles.
The eagle's blood turned into lava during the creation of the Earth.
Writing a sentence to create a myth.