One thing that has developed with this project is that some of the amazing teachers and students have begun to incorporate some pretty amazing lessons, projects, and ideas into their own curriculum as we work together globally. This page is a space for the teachers to show what they have been working on in their own individual classrooms. It is always amazing to see what other teachers do and what we can learn from one another. We hope you gain some inspiration and come up with your own ideas based off of these. Enjoy!

Bald Eagle Art Project from Mr. McGuire


To see them up close check out the slideshow

This is a great video to watch to learn more about bald eagles
Rudy Stocek visiting grade 2 classroom in Canada. He is the author of "Through the Eye of an Eagle" and Eastern Canada's bald eagle expert. The video is fairly good quality, although a tad hard to hear occasionally. Please enjoy it and spread the word!

Watch the video here

Matt McGuire

Kingsclear Consolidated School

This video below is of Stan Bousson who is an outdoor photographer. My students had a snow day and class was cancelled, but we went ahead with a conversation to capture what we could. Very interesting information shared.

Students using Google Hangout to connect online and talk about eagles. This was our first attempt so we learned a lot and it will only get better.

Mill Creek School's Displays


Mill Creek School field trip to learn about birds of prey

Rummel Creek's Podcasts: Mrs. Trevino's Class (Houston, Texas)

Birds of Prey

Anatomy of the Bald Eagle


Lifespan of the Bald Eagle

Protection & Laws of the Bald Eagle

Symbolism & Cultural Influences of the Bald Eagle