2.5.13: Eagle Feather Art Project

For this activity you will need to reference the following document

You will also need sketch paper/computer paper, pencils, and erasers

Zentangle Ideas on Pinterest:

We attempted to broadcast the lesson live and connect with other schools, but we some lag in internet. Anyways, here is the Blackboard Recording. It is not perfect, but important to show to document the steps we are taking to flatten our classrooms

To view the recording, click the link below:
View the Blackboard Collaborate recording

Here is the Tuesday Art Lesson.

Here is the Friday Broadcast of the Art Project Using Google Hangouts. This went much smoother. All work fine, but this one works best

Examples from the 4th grade

The students from the Netherlands created this very cool book about Bald Eagles as preparation for the project. They are working on their English skills so they have created it in both English and Dutch.